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MXE-32PT Enclosed Motorbike Trailer

Get In Quick!! This doesn’t happen often, but we currently have 1 x MXE-32PT enclosed trailer in stock and ready to go. This is by far our most popular trailer design at 3.2m long, 2m wide and 1.45m high with a pop-top roof.

MXE-32PT Enclosed Motorbike Trailer

This turned out to be a fantastic little trailer. It started with one of our MXE-32PT designs and underwent a number of upgrades to became this beauty.

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Today we’re sharing one of our MXE-32PT enclosed motorbike trailers. This one has been fitted with a number of our upgrade options.

MXE-32L Enclosed Motorbike Trailer

Last week we completed a customised version of our MXE-32L where the side wall height was increased to 1700mm at the customers request to suit his adventure bike and will be towed behind a motorhome.

MXE-32L Enclosed Motorbike Trailer

The MXE-30L was one of our earliest model releases and it has been exceedingly popular with the road bike enthusiasts. We recently had the opportunity to expand the range offering the Low Rider design in the larger 3200 size.

MXE-30P Enclosed Trailer Metallic Charcoal

Here we have one of our MXE-30P’s all dressed up for the track. Finished off in metallic charcoal panels with black trim, the customer had easy access in mind with their design requirements.

First trailer out of the workshop for 2022!
This one was an MXE-32P packed with options and a custom designed internal fit-out. Our customer asked for something a little different inside for this one.