MXE-30P Enclosed Trailer Metallic Charcoal

Here we have one of our MXE-30P’s all dressed up for the track. Finished off in metallic charcoal panels with black trim, the customer had easy access in mind with their design requirements.

We new this colour combo would prove to be popular! Here we have our MXE-30L Low Rider enclosed trailer model finished off in the metallic charcoal panel with black skirting and trim.

MXE-30 Metalic Grey Enclosed Trailer

This MXE-30P is a real eye catcher! It’s our first trailer finished with the matt metallic grey panels and I must admit…. we are impressed.

MXE-30P Enclosed Trailer

MXE-30P – This is by far our most popular trailer design at 3m long, 2m wide and a pop-top roof. This one has been fitted out with some added extra’s – internal mesh to protect the side walls and a front shelf storage solution.

This is our most popular trailer model, the MXE-30P. This beauty has been upgraded to have the black composite panels.