Our newest release MXE-32L has been quite a popular design! Last week we completed a customised version where the side wall height was increased to 1700mm at the customers request to suit his adventure bike and will be towed behind a motorhome. Whether you’re carrying your prized Harley, racing road bikes or travelling the country with your adventure bike, our drop axle designs offer an ideal solution with their lowered ground clearance. Plus, they just look fabulous!

This customised version had a number of added extra’s included as well to finish it off.

Full detailed specifications and pricing for the MXE-32L can be found HERE

  • 3200L x 2050W x 1700H
  • 4" Drop Axle
  • Side access door
  • Side access hatch with fridge slide-out
  • Front Access Hatch
  • Internal front shelf and floor rail
  • E-Track Cargo Management System
  • Side Wall Mesh
  • 1500KG ATM