This MXE-30P is a real eye catcher! It’s our first trailer finished with the matt metallic charcoal panels and I must admit…. we are impressed. I think it’s my new favourite. The true life colour is lighter than it appears in the pictures which don’t really do it justice.

It’s loaded with all the standard features – manual brakes, a pop-top roof, side access door and drop-down tail gate, with some variations requested by the customer. It has a longer draw bar for a bike rack to be fitted, the side access door was placed behind the wheel arch so that a fold down bed can be installed up front at a later date and frames were added on the inside for windows to be installed at a later date.

Unfortunately the QLD border closed to Victorians the day before our customer was due to pick it up, so we did a border crossing delivery (second time we’ve done this for our southern friends) and met them just inside the NSW border.

Check out the video and pictures and see what you think of the new colour. It will definitely be appearing again when we get a chance to do a new build for ourselves!

  • 3000L x 2050W x 1450H
  • Colour: Matt Metallic Grey composite panel with aluminium checker plate skirting
  • Extended draw bar for a bike rack to be fitted
  • Side access door placed behind the wheel arch
  • Frames added on the inside for future windows
  • 1350Kg ATM