This trailer is a custom build based loosely off the dimensions of the MXE-32. The client was a Blokart Club who wanted a new trailer for transporting their blokarts to and from events. If, like me, you’ve never heard of a blokart, I recommend you look them up 🙂 Here’s a link to their FB page.

The trailer has a long list of features including 2 false floors. The first creates a sub-floor storage space and the second one is removable as it’s only required for the occasional long haul trip. The addition of 2 small access panels on the side allows access to the front of the sub-floor space.

The lift up doors provide easy access for loading in carts from both sides and the rear as well as rear access to the sub-floor. An internal wall sections off the front of the trailer for storage and has access doors on both sides.

In addition to all these amazing design features, the trailer is also fitted out with a 100L water tank with pump and plumbing as well as a solar panel, inverter, internal lights and battery system.

What more could you ask for??

  • 3200L x 2050W x 1800H
  • Lift-up side and rear doors
  • 2 x Side access doors
  • 2 x False floors (one fully removable)
  • 2 x Access doors to sub-floor storage area
  • 100L water tank fully plumbed with pump, inlet and outlet
  • Solar pack including panel, inverter, battery box etc.
  • Stabilising legs
  • 1500Kg ATM