Check out all the extra’s on this modified MXE-32P! Firstly, the dimensions were changed slightly with the height increased to 1600 the width to 2100 and the length to 3250.

With this one being towed by a Dodge Ram, we upgraded it to 17″ black LC Sunraysia rims with all-terrain tyres and electric brakes. Because of the estimated weight it’ll be carrying it also got some upgraded suspension to bring it up to 1600KG ATM.

Next we decked it out with everything you need to be comfortable when you’re away from home.

  1. The solar pack included a fixed roof-top panel, solar controller, 12V switch/accessories controller board, battery box and deep cycle battery.
  2. The 100L water tank was installed underneath and included the pump and plumbing with 1 x inlet and 1 x outlet.
  3. 2 x side access hatches were included at specified dimensions for a slide-out kitchen on one side and camp toilet on the other (to be installed later by the customer)
  4. Up front, we have a recessed hot water system cabinet, 2 x 45kg gas bottle holders, 2 x Jerry can holders and the spare wheel
  5. We also added brackets in the frame for an awning to be fitted by the customer

In addition to all the above, it included some common extra’s with the side wall mesh, e-track cargo tie-off system and 3 x removable wheel chocks.

Check out the video footage and pictures below.

  • 3250L x 2100W x 1600H
  • Solar pack including panel, 12V switch controller, battery box and deep cycle battery
  • 100L water tank including pump and plumbing with inlet and outlet
  • 17" Black LC Sunraysia rims with all-terrain tyres
  • Electric brakes
  • Hot water system cabinet
  • 2 x 45kg gas bottle holders
  • 2 x Jerry can holders
  • 2 x Side access hatches (specified size for the customer to install a slide out kitchen)
  • E-track cargo tie-off system
  • 1600Kg ATM