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Trailers for Sale

We offer a variety of single axle flatbed and enclosed trailer designs to suit a range of uses. We want you to get the most out of your trailer so we’ve created our designs to achieve maximum functionality and versatility.

While we do have a number of customisation options available for our standard range, we don’t currently build full custom designs.

Our Flatbed Range

Our Flatbed range includes:

  • MXL Series – MetalconX Lane moto trailers
  • MXF Series – MetalconX Flatbed multi-use moto trailers

Our Enclosed Range

Our Enclosed range includes:

  • MXE-24 Series – MetalconX Enclosed trailer 2400 long
  • MXE-30 Series – MetalconX Enclosed trailer 3000 long. There are currently 3 available models
  • MXE-30P – Pop-top roof design with a drop-down rear door
  • MXE-30F – Fixed roof design with a lift-up rear door
  • MXE-30L – Our Low Rider design with a 4″ drop axle for lower ground clearance
  • MXE-32 Series – MetalconX Enclosed trailer 3200 long

Upgrades & Accessories

At MetalconX we don’t believe jockey wheels and spare tyres are an ‘optional extra’. These come standard with all of our trailer models. We do offer a variety of other upgrades and accessories for our base models though so you can customise the trailer and tailor it for your specific requirements. Have a look through our trailer range and then browse our Upgrades & Accessories to see how you would like to personalise your design.

If you have any questions about our models or accessories, please give us a call or get in touch via our Contact Form.

Trailers For Hire

For those who don’t use a trailer often enough to warrant the investment in purchasing one, we also offer trailers for hire at very competitive rates.  To enquire about availability or make a booking Contact Us through the website or phone us today.

Before making a booking, please read our Trailer Hire Terms and Conditions HERE